Wessex Water Environment Fund

We are delighted to be working in partnership with Quartet, Somerset and Dorset Community Foundation to deliver the Wessex Water Environment Fund across the South West region

About the grant programme

The Wessex Water Environment Fund supports charitable and community activities that improve local biodiversity or have a positive impact on the local environment for local people.

Grants of up to £1,500 are available for local organisations based and operating in the section of the Wessex Water area covered by Wiltshire Community Foundation*. Applicants must demonstrate that their project has one or more of the following outcomes:

  • Involves communities in environmental activities that benefit the local area
  • Has a positive impact on the local environment
  • Shares learning with local people about supporting the environment

Priorities for this programme are:

  • Reduction in water use
  • Improving environmental sustainability in the local area*
  • Improvements in local biodiversity

* For example, this can include activities aimed at reducing waste, recycling and using reusable alternatives, growing own produce, using less energy.

*Please note: Swindon and some surrounding areas are not served by Wessex Water and therefore groups in these areas are not eligible to apply for this fund. If you are unsure, please check with us before applying

Which organisations are eligible for funding?

You can apply for a grant if you are based and working in the area served by Wessex Water and are a:

  • voluntary or community group with charitable aims
  • registered charity
  • not-for-profit or Community interest Company (see additional notes)
  • town or parish council (project must have community benefit)
  • school (project must have community benefit)

Please note: This programme is only open to organisations that have an annual income of less than £500,000. It is targeted at organisations where a small amount of money can make a significant difference so we will also consider your access to other sources of funding and prioritise where it can make the biggest impact.

Your organisation must have:

    • an active voluntary management committee with at least three people who are not:
      • related to each other or in a long-term relationship
      • living at the same address

    Your organisation needs the following financial arrangements and documents:

    • a bank account with two signatories that are not related to each other
    • less than 12 months running costs in unrestricted reserves. This means in your end of year financial accounts, Unrestricted reserves (not including Designated funds) must be less than your Expenditure
    • financial records or accounts
    • a recent bank statement
    • a constitution
    • a financial plan or budget showing this year's expected income, expenditure and reserves. If you do not have these we will discuss this with you when you apply.
    • a Safeguarding Policy and an Equal Opportunities Policy. Again, if you do not have these we will discuss this with you when you apply. Further guidance is available here

    If you are a new or informal group and cannot provide the above, you can apply under the umbrella of another charitable organisation provided it is able to:

    • supply the above documents
    • take responsibility for the application being made
    • take responsibility for receiving, overseeing and reporting back on the use of any grant awarded

    Additional notes for CICs

    If your group is a community interest company or not-for-profit company, you will need to have at least three Directors who are unrelated individuals AND the majority must be acting in an unpaid capacity i.e. not employed by or receiving payment from the company. CICs limited by shares are not eligible.

    What types of projects are eligible for funding?

    You can apply for a grant for:

    • core costs or project costs including:
      • equipment  
      • salaries
      • overhead costs

    Please note:
     your project must achieve one or more of the outcomes and meet at least one of the priorities listed above. 

    Examples of previous grants funded by the programme:

      • To restore and maintain a wildlife pond
      • To install a recycling station and provide litter picking equipment for a youth club
      • Towards a community tree planting event
      • Installation of a rainwater harvesting solution and irrigation system for a community garden
      • Creating wildflower areas on underused land in a village
      • Kits for local residents to take part in a water quality survey of the River Avon
      • Dung beetle surveys to assess prey availability for Greater Horseshoe Bats

    What we don’t fund:

    • water refill points
    • applications from individuals
    • national organisations (independent branches can apply)
    • general appeals
    • activities which are a statutory responsibility
    • political groups or activities promoting religious beliefs
    • animal welfare (except activities that directly relate to improving local biodiversity)
    • arts or sports projects with no significant community or charitable element.
    • one off events with no significant community or charitable element
    • medical research, equipment or treatment
    • projects that take place before a grant can be awarded
    • activities that raise funds for other organisations

      Previous Grants

      You cannot apply to the Wessex Water Environment Fund if you are currently receiving Partners Programme funding from Wessex Water.

      You cannot apply if your organisation has received a Wessex Water Community Fund grant since October 2021.

      Full criteria is available here 

      This programme is now closed

      Apply here

      If you have any queries please contact us on 01380 738985 or email info@wiltshirecf.org.uk