How can you help the causes your care about?

How can you help the causes your care about? Whether you're an individual wanting to become a philanthropist (and make a lasting impact by supporting issues that matter to you) or a group already fundraising, you can help decide where you want the donations to go.

Your fund can have your name on it, or if you have an existing fund with the Community Foundation donations can be added to it.

We take care of all the administration and can help you identify a cause that you really care about.

What if I want to change the type of groups that I give to?

You can amend your Fund Agreement at any time to include new or alter the types of community groups you want to support.

How much do you charge?

The fees we charge our allow us to cover the cost of our grant-making operation and to manage and administer donors’ funds effectively and efficiently. Trustees may retain the following from donations to the Fund and use it as a contribution towards the operating costs:

What is your investment policy?

We invest our endowed funds together with our fund managers to gain the maximum investment returns. We have negotiated very competitive investment management fees from our fund managers due to our endowment size. This is a considerable benefit for our donors as they benefit from our overall size rather than paying a premium for a smaller investment portfolio. Our investment objective is to maximise the “total return” on our funds over the medium and long term, without taking undue risk.

What is the minimum contribution needed to start a Named Fund?

A Foundation Fund requires a commitment to donate at least £500 per annum to build up to a Fund of at least £5,000.

Donors can pay monthly, quarterly or annually. A Named Fund requires a commitment to build a fund of at least £20,000.

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