Waste Not Want Not

WNWN is a furniture recycling charity in one of the most deprived areas of Wiltshire.

The organisation:

WNWN’s primary aims are to relieve poverty and help reduce waste going to landfill. 

The furniture and household goods collected (including white goods) have to be of “good quality” to assist those most in need to furnish their homes.  WNWN is proud that it is able to cover approximately 80% of its operating costs. In 2010, WNWN got close to self-sustainability. As a member of the Furniture Recycling Network (FRN) it underwent an operational audit in that year and was awarded a Certificate of Excellence.  We feel it is realistic to anticipate full self-sustainability once the UK financial climate becomes stronger.

The Project 

As people have less income, their need increases but their ability to pay reduces. WNWN still wishes to address such needs and is endeavouring to raise the extra resources to help the local community.  All involved with the charity are determined to do their utmost to ensure that the financially disadvantaged are helped.  The charity has only two paid staff.  The remainder of the work-force are part-time volunteers (usually around 16 in number).    WNWN offers great opportunities for learning new skills and workplace experience to help people back to work.  In 2012 training and work experience was given to 27 members of the local community.     Those helped are people with special needs; people recovering from mental health or drink/drug issues and young people on Government Training Schemes.

What you hoped to achieve:

The locality includes 7 Market Towns and approximately 60 villages;  a population of approximately 250,000.  From feedback received from recipients of furniture and household goods, without WNWN’s assistance we believe that even more families would have fallen into poverty. Furthermore we can help families to avoid falling into debt and suffering the associated problems.

Results so far:

WNWN is pleased to receive documented feedback from a number of organisations that refer volunteers to the project for work experience. Below are three examples from the last twelve months;

“Pinnacle People would like to thank WNWN for their participation in the Mandatory Work Programme over the past years.  During this time you have provided opportunities for many placements all of whom have dramatically improved their confidence and self-esteem to such an extent that many have been able to obtain employment, which they would not have obtained otherwise.

You created a real work environment, they enjoyed getting out of bed in the mornings and coming to WNWN, where the right mix of encouragement and supervision motivated the placements and made them feel part of a real work force” - Placement Officer

“I can confirm that Waste Not Want Not is a very valued individual placement, utilised by Chippenham Probation, for service users to complete their unpaid work hours, where they have received a Community Order from the Court with a requirement to complete Community Payback hours.

"The WNWN team have been a wonderful resource to us, with a very friendly and flexible approach. A recent service user successfully completed 200 hours under WNWN’s supervision, and continues to attend as a volunteer, beyond the requirement of her hours” - Community Payback Officer

“Thank you for the work you have done with the 3 young people involved with the youth offending team.  Being able to use Waste Not Want Not as a project where young people can carry out reparation or unpaid work is an invaluable resource for the youth offending team.  The young people are able to put something back into the community but also learn skills required to help them gain employment in the future” - Police Youth Justice Worker -Youth Offending Team

Documented feedback from clients assisted:

“In 2004 I left Mum and Dad’s with nothing and moved into an unfurnished room. Over the years with little cash I now live with my family in a two bed-roomed house – full of Waste Not’s furniture”.

“Due to marital breakdown, I left Wales and moved to Corsham with my family. Green Square got me an empty flat and thankfully someone told me about Waste Not Want Not.  With little money I got all the basics from them including a cooker, washing machine, fridge, beds, sofa and TV”



Grant awarded: