Springboard is an opportunity pre-school for children under 5 years old with special needs based in Chippenham

The Organisation:

Springboard pre-school covers the North Wiltshire area.  They provide specialist support and advice for families of children with a range of additional physical and developmental needs within a specially designed setting.  Funding was used to go towards training and development for the staff team to enable them to continue to provide high quality care and support.

The Project:

All the children attending Springboard can be described as disadvantaged due to their disability or difficulty, they are experiencing. Approximately 50% have some speech language or communication difficulty which impacts massively on their ability to access the mainstream world. Not being able to communicate and interact appropriately with their peers can leave children isolated, frustrated and unable to reach their full potential. 

The training for the staff team supports 45 children and their families at any one time, ensuring that they are able to maintain a very high standard of care.  It will help them to become more sustainable in the next few years by developing management skills.

They retain staff for a good length of time and have a committed team that they encourage to work well together to share skills and training. They have enthusiastic fundraising volunteers who help to support the centre.

They have worked hard to reduce costs where possible, for example, by making use of volunteer drivers for transport for children and families where possible.  As they cover a wide geographical area many families are unable to access the centre without support.

What we want to achieve:

Where we naturally celebrate the achievements of the children and families we have taken to highlighting staff achievements. This is done through our own learning journey display, through team meetings and newsletters. The reason for this is that currently quite a few members of staff undertake study in their own time and this needs to be recognised as their own personal commitment to their professional development. Aside of that we want parents and partners to recognise that we do not take our “specialist” status lightly, we work towards ensuring that we are up to date and relevantly skilled to deliver our services.

Extract from recent OFSTED inspection:

Summary of key findings for parents -  This provision is outstanding

The quality of teaching is consistently high - Managers and staff use their expert knowledge of how children learn to plan an excellent range of high-quality experiences, precisely tailored to individual needs of each child. Managers and staff have high aspirations for children.

Children behave exceptionally well - They are thoughtful as they take turns, share and seek out others to join their play. Children develop excellent social skills. Managers and staff offer children positive praise, which helps promote confidence and self-esteem.

Partnerships with parents are exemplary and they are involved in children's learning from the start - Managers and staff regularly share information with parents and work highly effectively with them to ensure learning at home informs children's individualised planning.

The leadership of the playgroup is inspirational - They are passionate about continually evaluating, updating and improving all aspects of practice. The recommendation raised at the last inspection has been addressed. This has helped ensure they continue to maintain the highest possible standards.

Grant awarded: