Professional Advisors

"100% of donors who responded to our survey recommend working with Wiltshire Community Foundation."

The best advice is given by the most experienced professional teams.  Wiltshire Community Foundation's specialist knowledge of the charitable sector and need in their local area makes them a key member of the best team you can have.

Wiltshire Community Foundation can share ideas and examples of philanthropy that showcase a more targeted and knowledgeable approach to charitable giving - helping clients consider how and when they may best give their money.

"The philanthropy planning service Wiltshire Community Foundation offers complements my firm's own services.  It makes such a difference having access to philanthropy expertise - Wiltshire Community Foundation makes the whole process hassle-free and human for my clients."

Elizabeth Webbe is a partner at Trewthowans Solicitors in Salisbury, adivising some of the wealthiest clients in the county.  She helps clients make effective financial planning decisions.

How we can help advisors:

  • direct contact with you if you are acting on behlaf of a client
  • integration of philanthropy services into your own client offering
  • introductions to others we have helped - sharing learning and ideas

Could we be part of your team?

We work with donors and their advisors to provide a permanent, flexible and growing source of local charitable funding that will directly help Wiltshire and Swindon residents facing disadvantage.  If you or your clients would in more detail about the options available to them please contact our Development Director, Joanne Brady, on 01380 729284.

If you would like to revceive the monthly professional advisors ebulletin, The Giving Business, including news, updates from the Charity Commission and forthcoming events and seminars, please sign up here.