National Secondment for Chief Executive

We are proud to announce our Chief Executive, Rosemary Macdonald, has been asked to undertake a six-month secondment as interim Chief Executive at UK Community Foundations in London. This is a great honour for Rosemary and an acknowledgement of how highly she is held in regard by community foundations across the UK.

Wiltshire Community Foundation was the first community foundation established in the UK and the network is now 46 strong, generating almost £100m for distribution across the UK each year. It is therefore extremely fitting that Rosemary has been asked to step into this important national role. Her leadership skills and experience will have national influence, undoubtedly helping to increase profile and funding for the wider network which will, in turn, benefit people in need in Wiltshire as well as other communities across the UK.

Rosemary will be taking up her new position in March but it will be business as usual for the rest of us at the Foundation. Rosemary has developed a strong, professional staff team, widely respected for the information and advice we provide to the voluntary sector and philanthropic community in Wiltshire. We will continue the vital work of the Foundation in her absence and will be supported by our excellent Board of Trustees.