Cyber security expert has some excellent advice

Cyber security expert Bill Egerton gave the Wiltshire Community Foundation plenty of food for thought with some chilling stats but he also had some excellent advice when he gave a talk on staying safe online.
In 2018 4billion people worldwide suffered data breaches, a 133 per cent rise on 2017. Of that total, 65 per cent suffered Identity Theft.
There were 2,447 data reaches in the UK, a 29 per cent yearly increase. Many of these breaches come from ineffective or insecure passwords.
In 2018 40 per cent of UK charities were victims of attempted breaches. Thieves see them as soft targets because they are prone to having poor cyber security and less expensive IT systems.
Did you know that there is a CD containing 15 million often-used passwords that ID thieves can use to run against your accounts to hack into them?
These CDs are available on the Dark Web, an unregulated corner of the Internet where stolen credit card details sell for £50, or for £820 someone can buy a person's complete identity, including passport, National Insurance, driving licence and NHS details.
It is possible to make life much more difficult for hackers, who will soon look elsewhere if you are a tough nut to crack.
By joining three short words together, and adding some unique characters, you can create a strong and memorable password. For instance, PudDigNab7! would take 1.6 billion years to crack if possible passwords were run against it at a rate of 1,000 per second!
The thing to remember is make your password easy to remember but very difficult to guess.
There is a great deal more advice to be found at the National Cyber Security Centreby clicking here.