One Degree More Case Studies

Our grants supported young people through university, provide equipment and resources for vocational courses, post-16 education and training and enable young people with disabilities and additional learning needs to more fully participate in their education.

Some other examples are....

  • Natasha was awarded a Scholarship Grant to support her time at university in Wales where she took a degree in food science. She now works for a large local food processing company as a processing technologist
  • Daisy was awarded a Scholarship Grant to support her studies in London in engineering – she went on to do a Master’s degree in Design and Innovation
  • Henry was awarded a Scholarship Grant to study Biology – he then went on to do a Master’s degree in Cancer Sciences and then a PhD
  • Kate is a talented performer and received a Vocational Grant to support her course at a performing arts college. Her ambition is to perform in West End musicals
  • Jenny needed to purchase specialist winter clothing and pay for accommodation in Russia as part of her degree course. She was awarded a Vocational Grant
  • Rebecca has hearing loss and wanted to train to teach children with hearing difficulties. She was awarded an Education Support Grant to pay for her British Sign Language course at levels 1, 2 and 3. She is now at university taking a teaching degree
  • Raymond struggles with education with his learning difficulties. He had an Education Support Grant to buy an iPad, protective casing and apps which help with his education and relaxation time – he can now recognise all his letters and his carers say it has greatly helped his progress