The Jubilee Centre

The Jubilee Centre offers day care and drop-in services for older people.

The organisation:

The Jubilee Centre provides a safe, caring and active environment for its members; identifies and responds to the needs of individual members (particularly those needs associated with social and rural isolation); provides members with a freshly prepared and cooked midday meal; promotes independence and improved health in members' lives and treats all its members equally and without prejudice or discrimination.  

The Project 

The Centre offers day care and drop-in services for older people as well as hot meals on wheels. They provide a safe and welcoming space for people supported by volunteers, with a meal and entertainment provided. Funding would go towards the cost of replacing easy chairs in the centre as the chairs are very old, are past repairing and smell.

We help elderly people by addressing their immediate needs such as isolation, (lack of stimulation when sitting at home alone). A varied programme of activities daily which includes arts and crafts, exercises with music, board games, talks by outside speakers, music activities from outside organisations (Music for Health, Kaya Drums, Sing-a-longs to an entertainer etc) quiz games, word games, bingo, hang man, story telling, chatting about past events etc.  and three/four excursions annually which our members absolutely love and look forward to.

What you hoped to achieve:

The members already are very proud of the centre and they will benefit from having new chairs to sit on. The chairs will brighten up the centre and be new and clean.

Results so far:

The chairs were delivered in September 2015.

Grant awarded: