Funding for recyling charity

Foundation Grant funding helps a local recyling charity support volunteers.

Our Common Good

Who should be giving and what is the need?

Wiltshire Life Awards

Community Foundation sponsor award for Wiltshire Carer of the Year

Over £1 Million in grants awarded

For the very first time Wiltshire Community Foundation have reached a major milestone by giving out over £1 million in grants during 2015/16. 

From Damascus to Wiltshire

Wiltshire was one of the first rural counties in the UK to assist with re-housing Syrian refugees from camps in the Lebanon and Jordan.

Board Performance - small steps to success

Boards of top performing charities typically display a number of common characteristics.

Smashing the Pain Barrier for Surviving Winter Appeal

Bishop Ed Condry stays on the rowing machine for over 13 hours to raise money for fuel poor pensioners - but no world record.

One Degree More

Two reasons to support our One Degree More programme

Support for Surviving Winter from BBC Wiltshire and St Mary's Primary Marlborough

Pupils of St Mary's Primary School in Marlborough hosted a live broadcast with Graham Seaman of BBC Wiltshire Radio today.