Our corporate sponsors


Intel designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world's computing devices.  Intel has been working with us since 1994.  They have built an endowment fund of over £130k and contributed to our core costs each year.  We recently won a competition for $10,000 worth of IT equipment run by Intel's global operation.

Wiltshire Council

Wiltshire Council has been a longstanding supporter of the Foundation.  They fund us each year so we can deliver the grants so vital to the voluntary sector in Wiltshire.  We have worked with the Council on a number of initatives over the years and are considered a critical friend and partner to the Council.  

Wadworth and Co Ltd

Wadworth and Co Ltd are just across the road from our office.  Wadworth have been brewing beer in Devizes since 1875.
Founded by Henry A Wadworth, the business passed to his founding partner John Smith Bartholomew and is now in the 4th generation of management by the Bartholomew family. 

We have had a long association with Wadworths.  Charles Bartholomew is a former Chairman of the Foundation.  Each year they give us a donation to our core costs and help with our events.

Gaiger Bros

Founded in 1948 by the original four Gaiger Brothers, the company now includes managers from the third generation of Gaiger's. As a family company steeped in tradition, they provide a very personal customer service which often hides their size.

Gaiger is our landlord and kindly makes a donation to our core costs each year.

Perrys Recycling

Perrys Recycling have been our partners since 2012.  They place paper recycling bins in supermarket carparks and give a percentage of the income earned to the Foundation each year.  This money goes directly to support our core costs.

Perrys Recycling also supports a number of other Community Foundations across the region, so if you are recycling paper, look out for us on the side of the containers! 

Honeystone Consulting Ltd.

Honeystone is an established web design and software development studio based in Wiltshire.  They built our new website for us and it is so easy to use!  

They pride themselves on their long term commitment to their clients, and their ability to produce high quality websites designed to scale as their customer's businesses or organisations grow.

Lis McDermott Photography

Lis McDermott is the Headshot Diva and she takes headshots of businessmen and women to make them look their best - but still look like them.