Charitable Trusts

"100% of donors who responded to our survey recommend working with Wiltshire Community Foundation."

The best advice is given by the most experienced professional teams.  Wiltshire Community Foundation's specialist knowledge of the charitable sector and need in their local area makes them a key member of the best team you can have.

Wiltshire Community Foundation can share ideas and examples of philanthropy that showcase a more targeted and knowledgeable approach to charitable giving - helping clients consider how and when they may best give their money.

"By transferring funds to Wiltshire Community Foundation we were able to ensure a targeted approach to supporting those experiencing greatest deprivation." Colin Brady, Salisbury Diocesan Welfare Fund

Over the past decase the Salisbury Diocesan Welfare Fund had an underspend as trustees took a careful approach to investments and income.  Consideration of the options for supporting local beneficiaries resulted in the trustees taking the opportunity to work more closesly with Wiltshire Community Foundation.  This has resulted in enhanced returns and the identification of new areas of need, with funding reaching targeted beneficiaries and fulfilling the trust's original objectives.

Trusts supported by the Community Foundation

The Community Foundation already works closely with many charitable trusts operating in the county.  We distribute funding on behalf of charitable trusts as part of our flow through funding programmes and have endowment funds set up by charitable trusts to provide year on year support to the causes they care about.  We provide valuable local knowledge and assistance to help charitable trusts distribute funding in our county.  We currently distribute funding for Comic Relief, Herbert and Peter Blagrave Charitable Trust and the Verdon Smith Family trust.

We are also an effecient, cost effective alternative to the creation of a Charitable Trust in the first place.  The settlor can create the same benefit for the issues they care about and have the same personal involvment by creating a Named Fund at the Community Foundation.  

Trust Transfers

Occasionally, trusts will decide that it is the right time to close as their original charitable objectives have been fulfilled; due to administration becoming time consuming, or because the Trustees wish to retire.  When trusts close, the Community Foundation is able to assume management of charitable trusts that benefit the people of Wiltshire & Swindon. Trusts can be recreated as Funds within the Community Foundation as a new Named Fund, but with the same name as the former Charitable Trust.  The objects of the Trust can be retained or amended, and if any of the Trustees wish to remain involved they can often do so as an advisory panel.

The Community Foundation takes on all the responsibilities for investment, administration and compliance with Charity Law. All applications for funding will be thoroughly assessed by the Community Foundation’s grants team and ratified by the board of Trustees, ensuring that good-quality grants are made regularly from the fund, now and in the future. 

For more information contact Wiltshire Community Foundation’s Development Director, Joanne Brady, on 01380 729284.