Charlotte was awarded a grant to support her degree in Ecology and Environmental Science at Gloucestershire University.

Originally, Charlotte studied Animal Management at Wiltshire College believing that university “was only for really bright A Level students or the ones whose parents had a lot of money, not middle of the range students from a single parent family like me.” There her tutor, realising her potential, started discussing university options and explained our grants programmes as well as the student loan system. “Suddenly my ambitions went through the roof” Charlotte said.

Charlotte has now completed the first year of her degree, achieving excellent grades. She believes the grant she received has been invaluable – not only for living expenses, but for course-related costs such as books, field trips and extra equipment in relation to a physical health condition that she does not let hinder her. This grant has enabled me to explore my options in the science industry and has allowed me to think the impossible, possible.

She commented “I can now view my dreams and aspirations realistically, rather than being tied down to my background. I know I will be able to be more academically successful by focusing all my attention on my studies and not on my condition or financial situation. This grant has allowed me to think about other academic opportunities in the future, like a Master’s degree or even a PhD. It’s nice to know that your financial situation does not need to be a restriction on what you want and can achieve.”

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