Foundation Coronavirus Response & Recovery Grants

The Foundation Coronavirus Response & Recovery Grants Programme helps voluntary and community organisations respond to the impact of the coronavirus crisis on people and provide their services during and after the crisis

You can apply for a grant towards:

  • services you have set up or adapted to meet needs which people have because of the coronavirus situation
  • keeping your organisation going during and after the crisis*

*Our priority in making grants to help organisations keep going are:

  • small, grassroots voluntary organisations who serve people who are disadvantaged (socially, physically, geographically or financially)


  • operate in communities and with people who cannot afford to cover the costs themselves.


  • are modifying their services and financial plans in the light of the coronavirus situation.
  • applications for a grant to replace lost income with no evidence of modifying services and plans are unlikely to be successful.

Scope of Grants

At any one time, our funds are limited and the need is widespread.  Please bear this in mind in your application when telling us how much funding you are asking for now.  Organisations can apply more than once.

What can the grant pay for?

  • Your grant can be used for any reasonable costs related to meeting needs which people have because of the coronavirus situation or keeping your organisation going
  • Grants towards capital projects (buildings and equipment) are up to £5000 only and you must already have most of the rest if the total cost is more than £5000
  • Grants cannot be to provide money to individuals or families. 

Who can apply?

  • local and regional organisations where most people benefiting from the grant live in Swindon or Wiltshire
  • constituted voluntary or community organisations
  • registered charities
  • not-for-profit companies including community interest companies where a majority of the directors receive no payment from the company
  • parish and town councils (for activities to meet people’s needs as a result of the coronavirus only)
  • churches and other religious organisations (for providing non-religious activity only)
  • voluntary organisations with no constitution or bank account if linked with a constituted organisation or local statutory body (eg parish or town council).  The grant will be paid to that organisation.

Branches of national organisations can apply if they have:

  • a local management committee based in Swindon and Wiltshire
  • a local constitution
  • a bank account controlled by the local branch

Who can not apply?

  • Individuals
  • Statutory bodies such as city and county councils or health institutions

When can I apply?

We are open all the time for applications. Our Panel makes grant decisions regularly.  We will respond to you initially quickly and give you an indication of when your application will be considered. 

We want to respond to emerging needs, so we may change criteria as the impact on communities develops. 

If you have any further questions or would like advice on how to apply you can contact the Grants Team on 01380 738985, 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday, or by email

To apply please click here to access the short application form: Application Form

A list of other organisations, trusts and companies offering grants to support charities and voluntary groups as a result of Covid-19 is available here